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Financial Services

Our 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry have provided us with the skills necessary to address financial services companies’ special needs regarding importing and exporting data from outside software. In addition, we have expertise reporting on user-defined elements such as deals, projects, departments, partners, and locations. We helped one of our clients reduce his company’s waste by as much as 15% by doing away with unintentional inefficiencies. That money is now being channeled directly into increased shareholder value, an annuity stream that provides ongoing benefits for everyone. Accountnet directly supports the Metro New York Area for Microsoft Dynamics and its clientele worldwide. We support multiple offices around the world on a daily basis on terminal server or Citrix if desired.

The flow of money

Innumerable companies provide products and services to facilitate the flow of money: credit and related services; investment-related services; oversight services, including accounting, regulation and data oversight; stock exchanges; and associated marketing services. Such companies can now transition from QuickBooks to Microsoft, which boasts new currency functionalities that render manual reporting in Excel a thing of the past. Multi-user interfaces and scalability for growth are part of a low total cost of ownership. More and more companies are choosing Microsoft Dynamics to fulfill their business management needs, Accountnet has partnered with Concur for expense tracking and integration with Dynamics. Accountnet provides a host of services through Dynamics, including document imaging, accounts payable work flow, and procurement flowing to purchase order. We also have experience with Oracle migrations. We gladly and expertly work with users who have downsized, have upsized, or are using a customized solution that is not applicable in today’s marketplace.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and financial reporting are no longer just buzzwords — they are driving business transformation for small and midsize businesses. By bringing together business applications and familiar productivity tools, Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud can now offer the insights you need to better understand your customers and drive your success.

Intelligence as an advantage. Everything around us is measured, effectively making every business now a data-driven one. How can that be used to your advantage? Intelligent business solutions combine people, data, systems, and processes for a real-time view of what’s going on. Watching these data shifts can lead to more successful decision making, such as in which areas of your business you should invest in technology. This can be achieved with business analytics, like Power BI, reporting and Budgeting modules.

MS Dynamics - Power at your fingertips

Gain powerful, role-specific insight with charts and graphs both inside of Microsoft Dynamics client and outside through a companion application, plus perform tasks and collaborate with others. View Account Schedules, Microsoft Excel and Jet Reports or Solver reports from one central location, giving the ability to access data from virtually anywhere.

PowerBI Dashboards and Reports:  Several pre-made dashboards and reports are available that connect directly the Dynamics and accessible through PowerBI Desktop or on the Dynamics Homepage.

Business Central Includes the following functionality:

  • Financial Management: including general ledger, workflows and audit trails, bank management, budgets, deferrals, bank reconciliation, dimensions, fixed assets, and currencies
  • Budgeting, ACH and Wires includes Budget tools, receivables, purchase order management, locations, and unlimited multi- companies
  • Other: including multiple languages, reason codes, extended text, Intrastat reporting, scheduled tasks, and integration with Outlook