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Managing Director

John C. Peace is Accountnet’s managing director and is a Microsoft Certified professional. His background includes experience as a new business creative in a top 10 worldwide advertising agency, Darcy Masius Benton and Bowles. John heads the marketing and sales team and works with Microsoft when organizing ongoing events and shows.

Founding Partner

Overview And Experience

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John emphasizes training and proper version implementation across all on the proper versions of MS Dynamics. His team maintains constant communication through newsletters sent to both potential and current clients. John is also the liason and initial point of contact for all new and prospective clients. He has developed, along with Anne-Claire McAllister, the Extended Relationship Analysis, or ERA, needs assessment that Accountnet provides for potential clients. He also initiated the ATR, in advance of new sales. Through his leadership, Accountnet does an accounting technical review, ranging from a simple business analysis to complex quantification and strategy insight. The ATR varies from client to client. John’s primary focus is on customer satisfaction and unrivaled customer service.

Accountnet’s philanthropic efforts include annual gift giving to non-profit organizations that we provide technical support to on a daily basis.

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John Peace, COO